D&C: Underdogs in the Underdark 1

This is a recording of our first lockdown livestream.
The adventurers have fallen into a world of underground gladiator fights. Will they ever see daylight again?
Featuring: Brendon Bennetts, Emma Cusdin, Kathleen Burns, Aaron Jelley, Ciaran Searle

D&C: There Might Be Blood

The land has been thrown into chaos by the fungal outbreak. Can our heroes rally enough support to fight back against the myconid menace?

DM: Brendon Bennetts
Adventurers: Belt! (Emma Cusdin), Melon (Henri Nelis), Brother Skinner (Dan Bain), and Dagni (Ciaran Searle)

D&C: Pyramid SCHEMES

After months of conflict with the evil Pelor Corporation, the adventurers finally make their way to Pelor HQ. But (and this might shock you) not everything is as it seems!

DM: Brendon Bennetts
Adventurers: Belt! (Emma Cusdin), Trixie Abernathy (Aaron Jelley), Brother Skinner (Dan Bain), and Melon (Henri Nelis).