D&C: Pelor’s Peril

The adventurers are rescued by an old friend, before being forced to journey into the very heart of darkness.

DM: Brendon Bennetts
Adventurers: Belt! (Emma Cusdin), Trixie Abernathy (Aaron Jelley), Brother Skinner (Dan Bain), and Barrold Caskbreaker (Ben Allan). 

D&C: Jerrold’s Park

In our second recorded episode the adventurers are summoned to a monster-filled island by a mysterious benefactor. Then things go terribly wrong (in more ways than one)
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Cast: Kathleen Burns, Emma Brittenden, Ray Shipley, and Ben Allan

D&C: Battle of the Bards

A recording of Dungeons & Comedians- a live D&D comedy show.
In their first recorded adventure, the heroes must help a gnome bard achieve his dream of winning the Battle of the Bards.
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Cast: Emma Cusdin, Kathleen Burns, Aaron Jelley, Jeff Clark