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s2E10: Everything COmes to a Head

Lord Everblessed takes decisive action against our heroes.
Featuring: Plank! (Phoebe Hurst), Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith), Elton John (James Kupa), and Norman the Barbarian (Henri Nelis)
Illustrations: Andrew Kepple
DM: Brendon Bennetts

S2E07: Caught in the Web

Our adventurers are betrayed! Can they escape from the literal web of deceit they are trapped in?
Featuring: Norman (Henri Nelis), Russel Scarecrow (Aaron Jelley), Hank Fresh (Abby Howells), and Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith)
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Video: https://youtu.be/fWtd5kpEWp8

S2E05: George!

Our adventurers are tantalizingly close to their goal, but there is a killer on the lose, and they’re the only ones who can deal with it.
Featuring: Irma the Mermaid (Kathleen Burns), Creek (Emma Cusdin), Hank Fresh (Abby Howells), and Kurtz Guitarr (Ryan Knighton) Illustrations by Andrew Kepple
Dungeon Master: Brendon Bennetts

S2E04: Battle Beyond the Bras

Our heroes are recruited to defend a village besieged by bandits.
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Players: Norman (Henri Nelis), Russel Scarecrow (Aaron Jelley), Belle Flower (Krystal O’Gorman), and Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith)

Video available here: https://youtu.be/7uAhV71Mdd4

s2E02: The Legend of Salty Lick

Our new seasons continues, as four new adventurers are cast into an ocean of mystery and danger.
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Featuring: Russell (Aaron Jelley), Norman the Barbarian (Henri Nelis), Limpet (Ciaran Searle), and Plank (Phoebe Hurst)
Video available here: https://youtu.be/uT-3Hu0cskY

S2E01: A Feud of Frost and Flame

An new campaign begins for Dungeons & Comedians.
Irma (Kathleen Burns), Creek (Emma Cusdin), Hank Fresh (Abby Howells), and Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith) are transported to a strange new world where survival is not guaranteed.

Video available here:

Pirate One-Shot

In this one shot adventure, our heroes take to the high seas. Performed live at Little Andromeda, and enhanced by a treasure map drawn in real time by Andrew Kepple.

Featuring: Brendon Bennetts (DM), Ciaran Searle (D&DJ) Emma Cusdin (Capt. Beltbeard), Henri Nelis (Midori), Andrew Todd (Nigel Shantyman), Emma Brittenden (Helen Shark)

Video version is available here: