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Bonus ep: Descent into the Dungeons of Dankness

Guest GM Allan Henry takes an all new party on an all new, beer themed adventure (inspired by a new series of beers from Garage Project)
Players: Reylene Rose Hilaga, Tom Eason, Brendon Bennetts, Krystal O’Gorman, and James Kupa.
Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple


S3E02: Eldritch Things

There are strange things happening at Osprey High, as our heroes are drawn into a mystery from their past.

DM: Brendon Bennetts
Players: James Kupa, Krystal O’Gorman, Reylene Hilaga, Tom Eason Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple
Music: Michael Bell

S3E01: The Dungeoning

Join us for a brand new adventure.
It is a dark and stormy night, and our four heroes are summoned to a mysterious mansion…
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Players: James Kupa, Reylene Hilaga, Krystal O’Gorman, Tom Eason
Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple

Video here:

S2E19: When One Door Closes

Guest Dungeon Master Ciaran Searle gathers together a rag-tag group of no-good adventurers. Some might say a “squad” that is sent on a “suicidal” mission.

Featuring: Ray Shipley (Reverend Pivot), Hannah Beatrice (Gogo Annihilation), Brendon Bennetts (Bebard Beebeard), and Criss Gruber (Salt Pup)
Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple
Video link: