S2E14: A Barbarian Funeral

Norman the Barbarian (Henri Nelis) returns home accompanied by Plank (Phoebe Hurst) and Bebard BeeBeard (Brendon Bennetts). But his plans for eternal rest are interrupted by another Barbarian, Blane from the Plains (Liz Butler), who has unfinished business with Norman.
Guest DM: Ciaran Searle
Illustrations: Andrew Kepple

S2E13: Mother’s Daynger

DM Brendon Bennetts takes a brand new batch of adventurers on a journey to meet the monster within.

Featuring: James Kupa (Aloysius Fry), Reylene Hilaga (Harold the Giraffe), Emma Brittenden (Bunny), and Tom Eason (Carrion Clutch) Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple


S2E12: All Roads Lead to Grome

Guest DM Trubie-Dylan Smith (Daisy the Barbarian) leads the adventurers back to the labyrinth of Grome.

Players: Kathleen Burns (Irma the Mermaid), Abby Howells (Hank Fresh), Monique Clementson (Paul the Cyclops), Brendon Bennetts (Bebard BeeBeard)

Illustrations by Andrew Kepple https://www.patreon.com/toomuchsparetime

S2E11: Everblessed

Our heroes enter the final battle.
Featuring: Norman the Barbarian (Henri Nelis), Plank! (Phoebe Hurst), Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith), Captain Jacques (Ben Allan), Belle Flower (Krystal O’Gorman), Limpet (Ciaran Searle), Russel Scarecrow (Aaron Jelley)
Illustrations: Andrew Kepple
DM: Brendon Bennetts

s2E10: Everything COmes to a Head

Lord Everblessed takes decisive action against our heroes.
Featuring: Plank! (Phoebe Hurst), Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith), Elton John (James Kupa), and Norman the Barbarian (Henri Nelis)
Illustrations: Andrew Kepple
DM: Brendon Bennetts

S2E08: Croc and Roll

Our adventurers are on the run for a crime they didn’t commit. Featuring: Irma the Mermaid (Kathleen Burns), Limpet (Ciaran Searle), Belle Flower (Krystal O’Gorman), and Daisy (Trubie-Dylan Smith)
Illustrations by Andrew Kepple
Dungeon Master: Brendon Bennetts

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