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S3E02: Eldritch Things

There are strange things happening at Osprey High, as our heroes are drawn into a mystery from their past.

DM: Brendon Bennetts
Players: James Kupa, Krystal O’Gorman, Reylene Hilaga, Tom Eason Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple
Music: Michael Bell

S3E01: The Dungeoning

Join us for a brand new adventure.
It is a dark and stormy night, and our four heroes are summoned to a mysterious mansion…
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Players: James Kupa, Reylene Hilaga, Krystal O’Gorman, Tom Eason
Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple

Video here:

S2E19: When One Door Closes

Guest Dungeon Master Ciaran Searle gathers together a rag-tag group of no-good adventurers. Some might say a “squad” that is sent on a “suicidal” mission.

Featuring: Ray Shipley (Reverend Pivot), Hannah Beatrice (Gogo Annihilation), Brendon Bennetts (Bebard Beebeard), and Criss Gruber (Salt Pup)
Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple
Video link:

Xmas Special: Dice Hard

The Royal festivities are interrupted when terrorists take over. Can our heroes save Cragmas?
DM: Brendon Bennetts
Players: Tilly Walbom (Ken), Caitlin Penhay (Applesauce Birchsap), Andrew Todd (Bruice Whippenlash), Aaron Jelley (Bibble Brighteye) Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple

S2E18: Trial By Fire

Bunny is on trial for murder! It is up to her defence team to prove her innocence before she is burnt at the stake.
Featuring: James Kupa (Aloysius Fry), Reylene Hilaga (Harold the Giraffe), Emma Brittenden (Bunny), and Tom Eason (Carrion Clutch) Courtroom Sketch Artist: Andrew Kepple

S2E17: Under the Sea

Irma the Mermaid (Kathleen Burns) finally returns to her undersea kingdom. But a lot of things have changed since she left. Can she restore order with the help of her faithful companions: Belle Flower (Krystal O’Gorman), Limpet (Ciaran Searle), and Gramorn (Jarred Skelton)

Video here:

S2E16: Multiverse of Mildness

Guest DM Trubie-Dylan Smith takes the adventurers on an interdimensional journey through audience-supplied images. Featuring: Harold the Giraffe (Reylene Hilaga), Carrion Clutch (Tom Eason), Aloysius Fry (James Kupa), and Bebard BeeBeard (Brendon Bennetts)
Video available here:

S2E15: Dead and Disorderly

Belle Flower returns to Magic University to find the Necromancer’s Society is partying out of control.
DM: Ciaran Searle
Featuring: Reverend Pivot (Ray Shipley), Colin Murderfist (Ben Kent), Daisy the Barbarian (Trubie-Dylan Smith), Belle Flower (Krystal O’Gorman)
Pictomancer: Andrew Kepple

S2E14: A Barbarian Funeral

Norman the Barbarian (Henri Nelis) returns home accompanied by Plank (Phoebe Hurst) and Bebard BeeBeard (Brendon Bennetts). But his plans for eternal rest are interrupted by another Barbarian, Blane from the Plains (Liz Butler), who has unfinished business with Norman.
Guest DM: Ciaran Searle
Illustrations: Andrew Kepple